Patient Centricity in Drug Development

Wednesday, 30 November 2016 - Paris, Renaissance Paris La Defense Hotel

Official language: French (Please note that presentations marked with * will be in English. View the Agenda)

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Patient Centricity in Drug Development

Challenges and opportunities of engaging patients to improve clinical trials efficiency and enhance health perspective

The role that patient can play in helping biotechnology and pharmaceutical development has recently grown up exponentially.

Patient are better informed about medical information and much more aware of their treatment options.

A collaborative scenario between pharmaceutical companies, patient advocacy groups, regulators and innovation technology, could result in the faster delivery of medicines to patient, also with a positive impact on the industries.

The conference will address through the context of clinical trials with reference to:

  • The point of view of institution regarding patient centricity, engagement & support
  • How Incorporating patient voice into protocol development may result in a reduction of expensive amendments, poor recruitment and retention thereby decreasing costs and lowering risks.
  • The role of technology in leading to patient empowerment, allowing to incorporate inside the steps of drug development, what served patients well in the treatment of diseases.

The context of Medical Affairs and Legal Affairs will also be analyzed, focusing on the roles and activities of patient oriented medical affairs and on the legal implication in the communication between patient and industries.

Scientific Board/Chair

Anna Cali, Toujeo Global Medical Lead, Medical Affair Diabetes Division, Sanofi
Erick Gaussens, Principal Consultant, ProductLife Group
Bertrand Sohier, Senior Medical Director Global Head, Respiratory, Critical Care, Cardiovascular and endocrinology Therapeutic Areas, PAREXEL

Who should attend?

The conference is addressed to all the Clinical Research Professionals, belonging to the following departments:

Clinical Operations and Medical Affairs
Regulatory Affairs
Information Technology
Quality Assurance
Statistics and Data Management

from Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology companies, Clinical Research Organizations, Academic Centres, Hospital Centres, and Clinical Technology companies.

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